We all know that ensuring playtime is both safe and fun is absolutely paramount for our children.

Children have all different needs & families have different wants when it comes to matting & padding & so Mats and More offer a guidance to play area flooring safety.

We will look at things such as fall height safety ratings and other safety surface tips to ensure your floor stays safe year round.

This is particularly relevant now, as we enter the Spring & it’s the perfect time to think about putting in your very own play area, or updating your old, outdated equipment & mats etc.

There will be a myriad of options, when you search online (as of course you will) but for us, 2 things are so very important..

  • The area must be safe
  • The area must be fun

With a great team – this is easy to achieve.

Just contact us & we will help you achieve a great looking, functional & safe play area.